Email Hosting Alternatives

mike mike at
Fri Jul 25 01:35:37 MDT 2014

For the last many years, I have had internet service from an ISP that 
didn't block port 25 traffic and I could get multiple IP addresses on. I 
have been hosting my own email server at my house for my own domain. The 
dilemma I face is that I am being forced to change ISP and all other 
options block port 25 and only have 1 IP address. There are a couple 
options I have. At first, I wanted to keep hosting email myself at my 
home for both privacy and technical experience. I thought I would get a 
small virtual server at <insert random 'cloudy' service> which would 
receive email and relay to my house on a different port, everything 
encrypted of course. Then, I thought I don't want to spend much time on 
this and that I should just use Google Apps. That option doesn't sound 
appealing either though due to the recent news about large internet 
companies and the sharing, willingly or un-willingly, of data. I also 
don't use the web interface for my existing Gmail accounts very much. is another one that I've thought about using since I've 
heard they have a pretty good track record with privacy.

What do you guys think? I use Google Apps at work and have a decent idea 
of it. Has any used Do you have any other recommendations 
for an email host? Am I crazy for not be enthusiastic about just using 
Google Apps? (Though I admit I am crazy in other ways but that's a 
different topic :) )


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