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On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 3:25 PM, Daniel C. <dcrookston at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Elders of the Internet,
>  I've been at it for six months now and I can perform any of several tasks
> with my eyes closed, but my beard (while quite thick and curly) is still
> only a modest 2.75 inches long.  It has remained at this length for the
> past month and a half.
Might I share some most likely factual wisdom:  A man's beard grows faster
when he anticipates sex.  http://www.skeptive.com/disputes/4096

Just in case that doesn't help, hair length regulation has to do with the
rate of hair loss vs growth rate.  This is why people who grow long hair
seem to have a functional limit of how long it will grow, though chin hair
is slightly different than head hair.  You will want to curate a healthy
hair regimen for your beard.  This means getting some appropriate product
for your manly chin and keeping that hair healthy and the roots strong.

I don't know enough about it chemically to say what exactly would be
helpful, but the concepts are definitely sound science, so do your research
for your skin and hair type (and eating habits may play a part there) and
don't trust any hair dressers, especially if they've bought into the idea
that their special "licensed-only" stores are somehow more pure and holy
rather than just a guild-run distribution model.

I envy you in a way.  This problem is surmountable, whereas my own beard is
sparse and simply not valid to begin with.

-Tod hansmann

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