Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Feb 28 21:52:20 MST 2014

On 02/28/2014 05:25 PM, Lonnie Olson wrote:
> But would be fun for a small office that needs a few VMs on one
> system.  Or just fun to play with.  ZFS, DTrace, Zones are all really
> cool, too bad most of it is still Solaris only.

Except that all of that has really come to Linux now. There are at least
a couple of implementations of DTrace you can try out (none are in the
kernel tree though), and of course ZFS is available on Linux too, and
I've read it's quite stable, moreso than BTRFS, which I have found
fairly stable.  Also the Linux equivalent of zones is LXC (managed with
docker, etc).

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