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Personal Home Page was a long time ago - 20 years ago.  I started web programming in 1999 and PHP was at version 4 by that time, however I recall seeing version 2 being offered on vhosts.  I do realize that most of the good stuff has been added recently.  PHP 5.3 was released Jun 2009 and PHP 5.0 was published in 2004.

I would submit that PHP became a "modern" language 10 yeas ago with the release of PHP 5.  

I have read that the original PHP was written using PERL, however according to , the original version was written in C.  

Keith Smith

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> Problem is that LAMP has a fairly specific meaning it's a choice of OS,
> Webserver, DB and programming language.  If you change any of those you are
> no longer using LAMP :D

LAMP is a moving target. The "P" used to be Perl, for example. Now it's
just ???? (or /..../ in regex.)

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