JOB: LAMP Artisan

Eric Wald eswald at
Fri Feb 21 16:48:35 MST 2014

On Fri, Feb 21, Doran L. Barton wrote:
> Uh... I'd develop using Java over PHP, any day. While it has a seemingly
> ubiquitous install base (and user base), it still has a horrible security
> record and incomprehensible language design.

Wait, which language are you talking about?  Both?

I've gone through phases where my main programming language was C, Perl,
Java, PHP, and Python, with a smattering of experience in a few dozen
other languages.  So far, I'm still happy with Python, given that it's
pretty close to the right tool for every job, though there are many jobs
where something else is even better.

- Eric

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