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Tod Hansmann at
Fri Feb 21 13:03:49 MST 2014

Do you have to LOVE PHP?  Can you just have an understanding of its
usefulness as a tool despite the terrible language it is implemented as,
thus enjoying building things with it as opposed to enjoying it in and of
itself?  =cP

I know, I'm a bad man.

-Tod Hansmann

On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:01 PM, Matthew Frederico <mfrederico at>wrote:

> Hey all, hopefully this is the right place to post this.  I know some
> people are quite sensitive to list etiquette and I don't wish to be rude ..
> Thank you for letting me post!
> ---
> Web Developer - PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
> About us:
> Profitable new startup seeking technically talented LAMP artisan.
> Have you read "*Nail it then scale it?*" Well, we've nailed it and now we
> are scaling it! One Click Retail is a new Business Intelligence company
> that is filling in the gaps in eCommerce left open by syndicated data.
> Serving 100+ of the world's top brands in Consumer Products, Beauty, Home
> Goods, etc;
> One Click Retail provides intelligence and actionable data to enable
> manufactures of big brands run their e-commerce businesses more
> effectively. We are a well-funded endeavor, and definitely a head turner
> with industry experts of the largest, most sophisticated data companies in
> the world.
> About the position:
> One Click Retail is currently looking for an artisan level Web Developer.
> We are looking for someone who knows PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,
> bootstrap, and loves to take an idea or design and make it come to life.
> We are looking for a technical artisan who can improvise, innovate and
> architect our existing excel based (don't be haters) product line to a
> slick, usable online interface. You won't be building a tool or product
> that lives behind the scenes that no one will see or use. This is a unique
> opportunity to build a powerful e-commerce analytics tool that will be
> utilized by many Fortune 500 companies enabling them to make real decisions
> regarding their business.
> We are continually innovating new features and add ons and this position
> will be primarily responsible for the development and implementation of
> these features. This position is unique in that your innovation will be
> directly with the CEO and Technical leads for the company. To top it all
> off, we will entice you with snacks, beverages and foosball. With our great
> team of personable and professional people we harbor a "speak up and get it
> done right" philosophy.
> Talent requirements:
>    - Must love responsive design such as Twitter Bootstrap
>    - Artisan level PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
>    - Must love Linux, Apache (or nginx), MySQL (or percona), and PHP
>    - Create art in UX with jQuery and jQueryUI
>    - Code reviews with Git via Bitbucket
>    - CURL and understanding of HTTP protocol
>    - Ability to craft existing algorithms into working PHP/HTML/CSS code
>    - Using a RESTful API to implement website content
>    - Able to boldly learn new JavaScript libraries like D3, Crossfilter,
>    and NVD3
> Compensation:
>    - We are generous by nature and very competitive.
>    - Won't offend you with skimpy startup tech company wages
>    - Snacks, beverages, foosball and the occasional bbq lunch
>    - Compensation 65k - 120k depending upon experience, equity and bonus
>    requirements
> Location:
> South Jordan, Utah - right off I15
> Web:
> How to Apply:
> Qualified candidates should submit their resume via email to:
> info at
>    - Please include a brief description of why you are applying
>    - Please provide links to samples of your work and your contribution
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> -- Matthew Frederico
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