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> My employer is considering the hire of another developer. The first
> requirement is that the developer knows or is willing to learn Go. The
> second requirement is that the developer not be entrenched in web
> development but open to and experienced in other forms of development,
> especially API and service infrastructure development.
> If you are interested at all, shoot me a note offlist.
Thank you for the replies. Among the replies it was mentioned that perhaps
the list may be interested in a bit more information about the company I
work for.

I work for SmartyStreets ( We provide address
verification services. Recently we have decided to rewrite ALL of our
services in Go. The services are currently in .Net/C# and as all of us here
know, that platform, while it has certain merits, has a great many
downfalls. It may interest you to read a blog post from the owner of the
company about exactly why we chose Go. He also has some other recent posts
about why we are leaving .Net.

Also, as part of our massive rewrite we are taking the time to put
everything under test. The native test tools with go were not exactly what
we wanted, so rolled our own that has become quite popular on github. We
call it GoConvey ( Feel free to check it out.

Jonathan Duncan

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