Anyone here still read slashdot?

Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Fri Feb 7 20:00:15 MST 2014

On Friday, February 07, 2014 18:41:50 Daniel Fussell wrote:
> I feel like everytime I turn around some poor, starving
> liberal-arts-grad-turned-web-designer is convincing some upper-manager
> that the present site interface is old and curmudgeonly in hopes of
> scoring a few meals and a letter of reference using nothing but
> photoshop and Drupal for Dummies.  What follows usually resembles a
> major train wreck.
> ;-Daniel

Most designers currently believe two things:

* No one reads
* Words are bad

The evidence suggests they are right most of the time. That means designers 
can unthinkingly apply those two principles to every project their entire 
career and be considered pretty successful. The unfortunately consequence is 
that websites become less and less useful over time.

I weep a tear of sadness.

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