Anyone here still read slashdot?

Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Thu Feb 6 08:49:20 MST 2014

I'm sad to admit that I browse slashdot far too much. Though I believe I have 
you (and a few others) to blame for my addiction.

The beta annoys me because it doesn't show comments at all without javascript 
enabled, it loads really slow on mobile, and it is generally annoying. And the 
javascript pop-up ad I got yesterday about has me swearing never to go back.

But then I got the shakes.

I won't admit to being old, inflexible, or curmudgeonly, but I will admit to 
having been labeled that way in the recent past.


On Thursday, February 06, 2014 01:21:25 Michael Torrie wrote:
> Or am I the only one who still habitually wastes time with the
> occasional slashdot addiction?  If I had resgistered my username when I
> first started reading slashdot my id would probably be 5 digits or less.
> If any of you still read slashdot, what do you think of the new beta?
> Personally I dislike it mainly because I'm old, but partly because I'm
> inflexible, but what do you web design gurus on this list think of it?
> Is it truly as bad as most of the commenters and moderators seem to think?

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