What to do when nslookup & dig disagree?

John Shaver bobjohnbob at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 16:50:09 MST 2014

Ooooh, I'll have to look at the quote selected Lab.  I wish it would auto
expand the reply text, since I always forget to trim and move my cursor to
the bottom.  Which is why I just get lazy and top post most of the time.


On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 4:46 PM, Lonnie Olson <lists at kittypee.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 3:32 PM, John Shaver <bobjohnbob at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Actually, now that you mention it, mine is showing the same way.  I
> copied
> > that part of what he said to the top after typing my message, (my after
> > thought of an attempt to not top post) and it must have stripped out the
> > '>'s when I copied it.
> >
> > I'll just top post from now on...
> Ahh, that's your problem.  If you want to bottom post, just hit reply,
> and click on the "..." button inside the message body.  This will
> expand the correctly quoted message, and you can move to the bottom,
> and trim as needed.
> Another handy trick is to enable the "Quote selected text" Lab.  This
> causes your reply to only quote the text that is highlighted when you
> click reply.  Very handy.
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