The right way to load balance?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Tue Feb 4 12:23:13 MST 2014

Hi everyone,

I've got a growing site.  At this point there are loads that a single
server just can't handle.
I've profiled my traffic and there isn't any single location that traffic
originates from, it's just really bursty.

I've decided to spin up a few instances of the site and distribute them
Thanks to mongod the DB looks like it will sync up enough that there
shouldn't be any problems with splitting it up like this.

Now the question is, how do I route traffic to the point closest to each

For instance I really don't want the visitors from Europe having to go all
the way to California for their websitey goodness.  It would make much more
sense for them to hit the server in London.  I'm pretty sure the USA folks
don't want their packets to hike it all the way to London either.

In the past I would have pushed static content to AWS and spun up an ELB
for the backend.  That's not going to happen this time because the site
isn't with Amazon.

I really just want to direct my incoming traffic to the server closest to
the user.  Cloudflare is one option I've looked at and it seems to do
alright, but honestly if I want to do SSL I'm going to have to pay them and
the funds are now very, very tight.

Seems like it should be a simple thing with DNS.  I'm not really trying to
count packets or do a round robin.  I just want folks on one side of the
globe to hit one server and folks on the other side to hit the other.

How would you do this?  Is there a better way?
Thanks in advance for any information!

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