UID/GID mapping on NFS

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 01:08:50 MST 2014

Hey folks, here's a question I don't quite know how to answer. I understand
that in NFS the UID/GID of the owner of the file is passed back and forth
the same as if it was a local file system. So that means to me that if my
UID on the machine I'm accessing the file from is 1091 with and my primary
GID is 1002 then when I write a file to an NFS directory, then it will
write the file as being owned by 1091:1009, right? Question is, does that
still happen when the machine hosting the actual file system doesn't HAVE a
UID and/or GID matching? For example, if the local machine only has GID up
to 1003, and UID up to 1052, off my head, will the files still be owned by
1091:1009? Or will the nfs daemon remap them to a different UID/GID? Is
there a way to force a UID/GID in the event of a UID and/or GID not being
in use? Or even always forcing a UID/GID?

I'm curious. Would love to know!

--- Dan

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