16-core Adapteva Parallella for sale (basically a multi-core RPi)

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 09:20:27 MDT 2014

> Looks like a pretty nifty gadget, though it bears almost no
> resemblance whatsoever to a RPi.

I meant it in the sense of Computer on Module / Single Board Computer,
which is the generic term for a Raspberry Pi, but RPi kinda got a lot more
press than CoM/SBC.

> I don't see the point of it as a hobbyist device outside of a
> few of the most dedicated sort of hobbyists.  Don't get me wrong, I
> think it's a cool gadget, but it's going to take a pretty dedicated
> person to put it to real use.

It's designed for people who want to experiment with parallel processing.

However, I don't think it requires quite as much effort as you make it out
to be. It's not like the time before the RPi and BeagleBoard when if you
needed an SBC for business use you were stuck with the burden of purchasing
one from some company with an index.txt as their website, but they knew
you'd buy it even without documentation because you had no other option.

There's an SDK and docs and a community around it.


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