Mozilla Thunderbird & Hotmail

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Fri Apr 25 01:04:39 MDT 2014

Hey Plug folks,

I remember years ago that someone had created a Webmail plug-in for Mozilla
Thunderbird, and then created sub-plug-ins for services like Hotmail. Does
anyone know if that's current? I can't so easily check on it myself at the
moment and I'm writing some instructions to family on how to download and
install Thunderbird to work with my parent's email accounts. Mom uses
Gmail, so no worries there. The standard IMAP interface will handle that.
But Dad's Hotmail account is a separate matter. I don't know for sure if
the instructions I'm sending them are valid still or not, since I haven't
been able to look at the Mozilla project's web page for literally years

If anyone knows the official status of Hotmail on Thunderbird, I would
appreciate it if you'd let me know. And if there's a URL somewhere that
provides step by step instructions for setting up Hotmail and Thunderbird,
I'd appreciate it if someone would point that one out to me. My Google-fu
is very weak these past few times. :(

Thanks all!
--- Dan

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