Asterisk handling a small business

Chris Wood chris at
Wed Apr 9 13:37:07 MDT 2014

On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 10:11 AM, Jared Smith <jaredsmith at> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Tod Hansmann < at>wrote:
>> That's why FreeSwitch
>> exists, because Asterisk is architected pretty bad for long-term.
> I think this more than a bit misleading -- FreeSWITCH was started by
> several software developers who had been working on Asterisk, and wanted to
> do something different.  Sure, there were some architectural issues along
> the way in Asterisk.  That's OK, because there have been some architectural
> issues along the way with FreeSWITCH as well.  They're both software
> platforms that are improving and evolving over time, and in generally
> different directions.  Asterisk is more focused on PBX-like features, and
> FreeSWITCH is more focused on being a soft-switch.  (My apologies to those
> who haven't spent years of their lives in the VoIP/telecom world, I won't
> bore you with the differences between a PBX and a soft-switch). Asterisk
> also continues to be the dominant open source telephony engine.  By some
> estimates, as much as 18% of all new telephone systems being deployed in
> North America are built on Asterisk.
> So please, use FreeSWITCH if you like it, or use Asterisk if you like it.
> (I use both platforms both at work and at home, and am technically very
> pleased with both of them.)  But please don't continue to spread the same
> lame propoganda that's been going around for entirely too long now.  Both
> platforms can stand on their own two feet, without the need for bashing the
> other.

As I've watched this thread, I think I would make one further
suggestion.  If the original poster's friend is not really technical
and their needs are not going to grow quickly, I think Tod's
suggestion of a hosted solution is really a good way to go.  OR, they
should look at an appliance that doesn't take much skill to maintain
or configure.

I've heard first hand of very technical/skilled people spending a week
or more on FreeSwitch/Asterisk and not getting done (either quitting
and getting an appliance or spending another week to really get it
functioning).  If their needs are basic, a FreeSwitch/Asterisk path is
probably overkill.

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