Asterisk handling a small business

Jared Smith jaredsmith at
Wed Apr 9 10:11:40 MDT 2014

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Tod Hansmann < at>wrote:

> That's why FreeSwitch
> exists, because Asterisk is architected pretty bad for long-term.

I think this more than a bit misleading -- FreeSWITCH was started by
several software developers who had been working on Asterisk, and wanted to
do something different.  Sure, there were some architectural issues along
the way in Asterisk.  That's OK, because there have been some architectural
issues along the way with FreeSWITCH as well.  They're both software
platforms that are improving and evolving over time, and in generally
different directions.  Asterisk is more focused on PBX-like features, and
FreeSWITCH is more focused on being a soft-switch.  (My apologies to those
who haven't spent years of their lives in the VoIP/telecom world, I won't
bore you with the differences between a PBX and a soft-switch). Asterisk
also continues to be the dominant open source telephony engine.  By some
estimates, as much as 18% of all new telephone systems being deployed in
North America are built on Asterisk.

So please, use FreeSWITCH if you like it, or use Asterisk if you like it.
(I use both platforms both at work and at home, and am technically very
pleased with both of them.)  But please don't continue to spread the same
lame propoganda that's been going around for entirely too long now.  Both
platforms can stand on their own two feet, without the need for bashing the

Jared Smith

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