Asterisk handling a small business

Kyle Waters unum at
Tue Apr 8 16:13:23 MDT 2014

On 04/08/2014 05:14 AM, Dan Egli wrote:
> Someone I talk to on a regular basis is getting ready to open his own
> company. The expected size of the company would be about 10-15 people once
> he finishes hiring, with more to follow in a year or two (he hopes). What
> he wants is to have all his phone calls and what not handled by Asterisk
> using IP based phones (obviously). I've talked with him a lot about this,
> but the points I could not remember dealt primarily with how the phone
> company would handle things.

Someone mentioned this in the channel a few weeks ago:

I'm planning on giving it a try in the next few weeks so I can let 
everyone know how it goes.  They claim it can handle up to ten calls at 
once before you start to notice quality issues.

My employer uses veracity for our SIP provider, but they may be over 
kill for your needs(our needs=over 500 calls at once, plus local call 
presence).  Vitality was recommended for home use(they'd probably work 
for a small business as well).  I intend to give them a try as soon as I 
get my pi.


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