Mounting remote directories/shares

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Thu Sep 26 01:48:20 MDT 2013

Hey pluggers, I seem to have run into a bit of a quandary on a personal
project I'm designing. I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I have an external file server that I want to be able to keep a lot of
files on. But I also want to maintain user permissions, so that, for
example, user bo can see their files and what not, but could not see or
affect user peep's files, who of course can't see or effect user bo's
files. Unless there's some setting I can put in the /etc/exports file, my
understanding is that NFS changes owners of files to nobody:nobody (unless
no_root_squash is used, then it's root:root). Is there a way, perhaps in
samba, to do this? It needs to maintain security per login, so if bo gets
logged in, he can see his files, then if bo logs out and peep logs in, now
that same computer (not the server) will show peep's files, and not bo's

I suppose I could do something in the /etc/profile or something, maybe:

smbmount //server/homes -U $USERNAME

or something similar. The problem there is /etc/profile only gets executed
for shell logins. So logins via KDM/GDM/etc.. would not be affected unless
they opened up a shell window, and then multiple shell windows could
confuse the system with multiple smbmounts.

I'm hoping someone else can give me a good solution. I really want user X
to be able to keep their files private from user Y in this instance (unless
they specifically alter the permissions to make them public, of course).

Thanks all!
--- Dan

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