Bash scripting web site

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Tue Sep 24 04:40:51 MDT 2013

Anyone know of a good site that can tell/remind me how to program in Bash
shell scripts? I remember most of it, but lately I have been having a hard
time remembering exactly how certain parts work. I'm especially looking for
good tutorials/references on:

Bash array (i.e. ARR1={"a", "b", "c"} type of thing)

Pattern Matching (i.e. things like ${MYVAR##X1} or however it works)

Also, I don't recall for sure if it's possible, but if so, this site should
also indicate how to use default values in variables, something equivalent
to this, but done without the multiple steps:

read P; [ -z $P ] P="No Assigned Value"

echo $P

Thanks all!

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