reading IP address given via DHCP

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Mon Sep 23 21:13:13 MDT 2013

Thus said Gabriel Gunderson on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 15:35:51 -0600:

> In most  cases, if  you're getting  IPs via  DHCP, you're  likely also
> behind a NAT (at  least in most small office /  home setups). In which
> case, `curl` or whatever will work, but it will give you
> the public IP being used at your gateway.

Something that  might be a  little more simple  to parse and  which will
work reliably behind NAT or even if your machine has a public IP:

$ tcpclient -T 10 -RHl 0 80 /bin/sh -c 'echo $TCPLOCALIP'

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