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Nathan England nathan at nmecs.com
Sat Sep 21 22:34:08 MDT 2013

Sadly Fedora 19 does not include an xorg.conf at all. Which when I boot Ubuntu 
with out any xorg.conf all screens light up and try to work, but I cannot make 
them work how I want with xrandr.

I booted off the Fedora 19 disc and generated a new xorg.conf file via

Xorg :1 -configure

in a shell. Sadly, this is not any different than what Ubuntu produces.

Thanks for the thought!

On Saturday, September 21, 2013 10:23:47 PM Andy Bradford wrote:
> Thus said Nathan England on Sat, 21 Sep 2013 15:06:36 -0700:
> > I managed  to get it  working with a Fedora  (KDE) 19 live  disc, but
> > after install it no longer works...
> Why don't you boot  the Fedora 19 live disc and  copy the xorg.conf that
> it generates when it is working (assuming it does actually generate it)?
> Andy

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