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Thu Sep 19 12:07:38 MDT 2013

Thus said Dan Egli on Thu, 19 Sep 2013 13:36:05 +0530:

> How  does the  name  service  daemon (named)  know  that, for  example
> address  resolves to the  net used
> in reverse resolution?

First, DNS doesn't  have any knowledge of IP address  subnets and subnet

DNS  works with  names (organized  in zones).
is  just  another name.  Because  DNS  doesn't  know anything  about  IP
addresses, all you are left with are names and delegations of subdomains
of  those  names.  Which  means  that   a  DNS  request  for  a  PTR  of  will be  found  somewhere  in the  delegation

from root to .arpa
from .arpa to
from to
from to
from to

This  means  that  your  question is  most  likely  framed  incorrectly.
Under  normal  configurations  the   ``reverse  DNS  for''
will  not  be  found in
can   only    delegate   subdomains   of   and is not  a subdomain of
The authority for, on the other hand, would be able
to answer/delegate queries for

Of course,  it is  possible to make  PTRs for be
found in, but this  would require someone  to go
out of their way to make it work this way.

Hope this helps. If not, feel free to ask for clarification.

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