named question

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Thu Sep 19 02:06:05 MDT 2013

Hey pluggers, appearently my Google skills aren't up to snuff today or
something. I'm trying to figure something out with the reverse DNS mapping.

In a situation where a Class B subnet (let's use has been
broken into multiple chunks, each larger than a Class C (say, 4 CLASS C
ranges combined, 1024 addresses, .0.0 - .3.255, netmask,
right?) How does the name service daemon (named) know that, for example
address resolves to the net used in
reverse resolution?  Especially when the address is placed in the named
zone file(s) by dhcpd (via ddns updates)? Is there some special header in
the zone file or the config file that would indicate this?


--- Dan

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