matchstring in dhcpd

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Thu Sep 5 01:25:21 MDT 2013

Hey all, here's a quick one. Does anyone know a list of strings that the
dhcpd matchstring function can parse? I know that a common thing is
searching for the PXE identifier: matchstring(option,
vendor-class-identifier, 0, 9) = "PXEClient", but besides
vendor-class-identifier what can I match against? I'm wondering if there's
a way I could setup a specific Class of machine, so that if, for example,
the DHCP client is the computer in my front room it gets an IP in one range
where as if it's a computer in the back of the house it gets an IP from a
whole different range (either different subnet, or different portion of the
same subnet). I'd rather not have to use multiple network adapters to
accomplish this and matchstring looks like it could be the answer, but I
don't know what else I can match against besides vendor-class-identifier.
Really great would be if I could somehow match a model number of the
motherboard or network adapter. Either a list, or just a URL where I could
find such a list is most welcome.


--- Dan

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