Linux root FS on NFS?

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Mon Sep 2 03:17:55 MDT 2013

I'm trying to explain to someone how you could configure Linux to serve as
a PXE boot server to another Linux machine and have that machine (PXE boot
machine, not server sending PXE image) obtain it's root file system
(really, ALL it's files except /tmp, /proc, /sys and things from the
optical drive) via NFS. I've gotten a lot of the details, but I keep
missing something. Does anyone know of a good FAQ/walkthrough/etc... that
would be able to tell me what I'm missing and to tell me if I made any

I'd appreciate it! I think this is going to be for Gentoo, but I don't
really care which distribution the instructions are for. I can fix them in
my head.

--- Dan

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