Wireless LAN bridge

Tod Hansmann plug.org at todandlorna.com
Sun Oct 27 16:55:07 MDT 2013


I live close enough to my parents that we have had a 180 foot cable 
between our houses, run through our backyards and over a mutual 
neighbour's fence.  This fence was recently replaced, which is having an 
affect on our cable.  We might just rerun it with a different path in 
mind, but we always revisit the ides of wireless LAN.  It just needs to 
be an ethernet connection between the two houses (or at least we're 
hoping to not switch subnets out).

We do some large file transfers (we back up to each others' houses 
daily, for instance) and our internet connections are failover for the 
other.  So speed is important, and we don't have $1 million budgets, so 
some prudence in price is in order.  Aside from that, we have line of 
site and can go N speeds if needs be.  Does anyone have a better 
option?  Perhaps some optical beam tech out there that you've played 
with?  Any interesting thoughts on the subject are welcome.


-Tod Hansmann

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