sharing secrets

Richard K Miller richardkmiller at
Thu Oct 10 11:58:15 MDT 2013

We like Meldium ( which is a password sharing site and a browser plugin which we've been trying. You can authenticate to Meldium via a Google account, which we like since we use Google Apps for Domains, and then you can setup services and share them with your team members. The browser plugin will also login to the given service for you so you don't even have to see or copy/paste the password. If I change the password to a service, my team doesn't even have to know.

> How do y'all handle sharing passwords, certificates, etc. at work? I'm
> hoping for something that makes it easy to share with both individuals
> and groups. For example, sharing the dev MTA password with Teams A & B
> but only sharing the prod password with Ops.

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