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On 10/08/13 15:25, Ken Jordan wrote:
> You know Comcast technically doesn't allow "servers" either, but that
> doesn't stop hundreds or maybe thousands of people from doing it. I think
> in this case legal responsibility is the key. If you run and it works you
> can probably get away with it.
> The static IP thing is another story and we all know there are plenty of
> solutions out there to get around that. I don't if the router they provide
> will support stuff like though. I think that will be the big
> question.
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> On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 2:38 PM, John Fenley <pontifier at> wrote:
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The wording there is vague:
you should not host any type of server
keyword being should. I think where that will come into play will be for 
accounts that are hosting torrent sites, multiple GB a day websites, 
etc. I think for the average joe, one should be fine.
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