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Jeff Jibson jeff.jibson at
Mon Oct 7 06:33:42 MDT 2013

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 6:04 AM, Josh Frome <jfrome at> wrote:
>> Can Nagios (or any other network
>> monitor) actually connect to the server and read it's process table (or in
>> some other way determine that the process is actually present)? I want some
>> kind of central notification for this since the project deals with over 40
>> systems each running a portion of the overall task.
> Yes. Nagios's check_nrpe command was designed specifically for this.
> The standard Linux NRPE client also includes a built-in script to
> count running processes by name, size, etc.  Additionally, if you have
> some more specific need, via NRPE, Nagios can run and return the
> results of any script you can write.
> As for notifications, Nagios also has a very powerful centrally
> managed notification and escalation system.
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FYI: Nagios 4.0 was released a couple of weeks ago.

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