New VOIP pbx setup

Jeff Jibson jeff.jibson at
Mon Oct 7 06:24:02 MDT 2013

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 12:36 PM, Barry Roberts <blr at> wrote:
> I've long wanted some pbx functionality at home.  Just calling extensions
> and transferring a call to an extension mostly. Now with the price of
> Grandstream phones and raspberry pi, I think it's about time.  Plus our old
> Uniden 2-line cordless phone system is dying.
> I'm thinking of getting a Grandstream GXP1400, and a GS-DP715 with a couple
> of GS-DP710 handsets.  And a Raspbx if I need one.
> Then if SenaWave won't do what I need, I may have to choose another
> provider.
> I'm going to start playing with asterisk and Google Voice just to get back
> into it (I haven't used asterisk for 5+ years), but I'm just wondering what
> the experts have to say.  For a VOIP pbx at home, what would or did you do?
> Thanks,
> Barry
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We use grandstream phones here.  None of the models you listed we have
used.  You should check some reviews of each before getting them.

The quality varies greatly between models.  This is especially
noticeable with touch screen models.

The only touch screen model we like is the GXP2200.  It is android 2.3
with access to the standard google-play.

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