Monitoring software question

Josh Frome jfrome at
Mon Oct 7 06:04:37 MDT 2013

> Can Nagios (or any other network
> monitor) actually connect to the server and read it's process table (or in
> some other way determine that the process is actually present)? I want some
> kind of central notification for this since the project deals with over 40
> systems each running a portion of the overall task.

Yes. Nagios's check_nrpe command was designed specifically for this.
The standard Linux NRPE client also includes a built-in script to
count running processes by name, size, etc.  Additionally, if you have
some more specific need, via NRPE, Nagios can run and return the
results of any script you can write.

As for notifications, Nagios also has a very powerful centrally
managed notification and escalation system.


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