DNS Reverse Address

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 02:55:43 MDT 2013

On October 4, 2013, Michael Torrie wrote:

> in-addr.arpa zones are IPv4 reverse-lookup zones. For converting a

> number to a name. Since DNS has no concept of reverse lookups, the

> dns client will reverse the IP address and treat it like a standard

> domain name when making queries. IE becomes the domain name

>, and the same mechanisim as any normal lookup is

> used.

Yea, that was my understanding too (although I was under the impression
that it was done similarly for IPv6, but if you say it's specifically for
IPv4 maybe not).

> You can configure DHCP to pass any filename you want to PXE, based on

> classes and pools, subnets, etc...

Yea, for the bootloader program. I never said (or intended it to be
understood) that I couldn't use filenames other than pxelinux.0. What I
meant was that my PXE understanding says the bootloader will load (whatever
it's filename is) and then it in turn makes decisions about what file to
retrieve and use for the syslinux bootloader that's built into it. THOSE
filenames, to my understanding, cannot be specified in dhcpd.conf. So as it
stands, I think I've gotten the configuration as simple as it's going to go
and still meet the requirements given.

Now for another project, I managed to make it a lot smaller because there
the goal wasn't to PXE boot everything, but just to auto-config the DNS and
network settings when a new box comes online (which would boot from it's
own hdd, vs. pxe).

As to the pool of compters in my own home (when I finally get the
opportunity to build this pool), there's no need to worry about much of
anything. I may be PXE booting there (I still like the idea of that, so
that all workstations have exactly identical config and software
installed), but since the machines are basically identical they can all use
the "default" boot config file. If there's ever something that needs a
different kernel, I can always build that kernel separately and create a
pxe/syslinux file named after that box's MAC that points to the new kernel.

Thanks for all the info though! I greatly appreciate it!

--- Dan

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