New VOIP pbx setup

Tod Hansmann at
Fri Oct 4 18:10:03 MDT 2013

On 10/4/2013 12:36 PM, Barry Roberts wrote:
> I'm going to start playing with asterisk and Google Voice just to get back
> into it (I haven't used asterisk for 5+ years), but I'm just wondering what
> the experts have to say.  For a VOIP pbx at home, what would or did you do?
I wouldn't use asterisk, for starters.  FreeSWITCH is technically 
superior if not simple and easy to learn (it still lags behind on 
documentation and community support a bit, but people are great help and 
friendly if you don't want your hand held).

Second, Google Voice is nice and all, but it is not a standard API and 
they break every once in a while.  Even getting it to work in the first 
place is technically a hack as you might find out if you go down that 
path.  You'll learn more and have more flexibility with a simple SIP 
trunk.  I use Flowroute at work for this and you can get a DID for a 
couple bucks + minutes used per month.  There are several others out 
there with similar cheap-as-all-get pricing.

Basically my entire reasoning here is that after working with both (and 
some proprietary systems) in both large and small environments, Asterisk 
seems very much like a shoe-horning of what I want to have happen into 
their system so that it looks like it happens that way. With FreeSWITCH, 
it's literally a connection/session starts, and I do things with it and 
other sessions.  Obviously that flexibility requires some understanding 
on my part, but you said you want to play with a phone system, not setup 
a computer to receive calls.

My two cents, anyway.

-Tod Hansmann

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