New VOIP pbx setup

Barry Roberts blr at
Fri Oct 4 12:36:05 MDT 2013

I've long wanted some pbx functionality at home.  Just calling extensions
and transferring a call to an extension mostly. Now with the price of
Grandstream phones and raspberry pi, I think it's about time.  Plus our old
Uniden 2-line cordless phone system is dying.

I'm thinking of getting a Grandstream GXP1400, and a GS-DP715 with a couple
of GS-DP710 handsets.  And a Raspbx if I need one.

Then if SenaWave won't do what I need, I may have to choose another

I'm going to start playing with asterisk and Google Voice just to get back
into it (I haven't used asterisk for 5+ years), but I'm just wondering what
the experts have to say.  For a VOIP pbx at home, what would or did you do?


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