Question on Assigning USB HW to Virtual boxes

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Oct 3 13:24:59 MDT 2013

On 10/03/2013 11:54 AM, Todd Millecam wrote:
> Don't know about the other virtualization programs, as I've only had to use
> Virtual box to date.

They all do nowadays. But some of them, like KVM, don't fully support
USB 2.0.  In RHEL, KVM does support USB 2.0, but libvirt does not, so
unless you start your kvm machines manually with a command-line
invocation, it's stuck with USB 1.1.  This is a paint because I've got a
USB dongle that I'd love to use with a virtual Windows xp instance, but
so far I have not got it working with KVM.

VirtualBox supports usb 2.0, as does VMWare of course.

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