Question on Assigning USB HW to Virtual boxes

Todd Millecam tyggna at
Thu Oct 3 11:54:35 MDT 2013

Virtual box lets you configure individual USB devices to be seen by VMs, as
reported by the USB controller.  By default, it can see all of them in all
boxes, but won't attempt to access them or make them available to the guest
OS until you say so.  It gives you a list of what it sees, and waits for
you to click on it to plug it in (and eject when you're done).
I believe once you activate it and make it visible to the guest OS, it is
just a USB pass-through.  In my experience, I've been able to see USB
devices in my guest OS the same way I'd see them on the host OS (if they're
the same OS, that is).

Don't know about the other virtualization programs, as I've only had to use
Virtual box to date.

Todd Millecam

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