Fedora Network config scripts

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 03:10:30 MDT 2013

Hey pluggers, I know a lot of you use Fedora. I haven't touched Fedora
myself in years (really since the Fedora Core 2 days, usually prefering
Gentoo myself), but now I find myself in need of a bit of Fedora help. The
guy I was building one of my projects for (not the big project, a much
smaller one) has informed me in no uncertain terms that he intends to run
the latest Fedora Core Linux on his setup. That's great for him, but all my
experience the past umpteen years has been Gentoo. So, I turn to you guys.
Does anyone know exactly where Fedora keeps the config scripts for the
network devices? And what does it look like? I need to see a recent copy so
I can make sure that when I work based off of that script I'm pulling the
values as they are defined in the script. (i.e. I don't want to have my
scripts look for IPADDR if Fedora's scripts define it as IP_ADDR or
IPADDRESS or something like that).

At the very least, to save room, if someone could send me the following
info, I'd be grateful:

the filename and location of the script (i.e. in Gentoo eth0 is configured
by /etc/sysconfig/net.eth0 IIRC)

the variable names in that file to define the following:

IP Address (IPADDR?)

Netmask (NETMASK?)

MAC address (used to override the physical MAC, when needed/desired)

Whether the network card is activated on boot (ONBOOT?)

Whether the card is getting it's info via DHCP or static assignments

I appreciate this folks! Thanks in advance!

--- Dan

P.S. if you do send the script, include it in the body, not as an
attachment please. My mail client seems to be having issues with
attachments lately.

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