PHP gig for FTW

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Tue Nov 19 02:00:55 MST 2013

Heh, just laughing at my subject. Superfluous for FTW!

Please note: this is the one-and-only time I've top-posted to the
PLUG. I didn't know how to comment inline when the subject *alone* was
what I was replying to. I ask for your mercy.


On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 1:44 AM, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at> wrote:
> All,
> I don't know much about this gig, but I told the guy who's gig it is
> that I'd get the word out.... so, here it is:
> He's looking for about 1 or 2 months of PHP / Wordpress hacking. There
> is an existing product that need some love. The project is kind of
> interesting, but we turned it down because we don't have any PHP
> skillz.
> Anyway, he's got a budget set aside and he'll need to get started A.S.A.P.
> Let me know (off-list please) if you're interested. I'll simply pass it along.
> Best,
> Gabe

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