Left clicky, it no worky! Argh!

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 06:41:54 MST 2013

Ok seriously this is stupid but I haven't ever seen anything quite like it.
Ubuntu did an update to the latest version and as far as I know that's the
only change... (caveat, I share this computer with 3 small children who
appear to be able to enable screen reader and other accessibility options
seemingly at random, despite my best efforts to lock the system down).

I have 5 accounts on this computer.  We use 2 different desktops, gnome and
unity.  Left click works fine on any account under Unity, but under Gnome
it's not working, but only with my account.  I have no desire to use unity
if I can avoid it, but the wife and kids dig it.  Also left click is
working fine in the login screen, it's just gnome, specifically my gnome
that's having the issue.

Seems like that would be a settings issue to me but I've no idea where to
enable it.  Anybody else ever encounter anything similar?  Thanks!

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