Wireless LAN bridge

Richard Esplin richard-lists at esplins.org
Sun Nov 10 23:32:56 MST 2013

Checkout the Easy Tomato and the Asus RT N16. I don't have the link handy (on 
a plane), but my browser history has a link to the blog article I wrote about 


But I will echo Michael. I ran a 400 ft wireless G connection between my house 
and a neighbor's. It worked for browsing, but couldn't handle streaming video 
or phone calls. Speed was fine, but it was jittery and had a lot of loss. That 
was done with line-of-site and directional antennas.

Good luck,


On Sunday, October 27, 2013 16:55:07 Tod Hansmann wrote:
> Pluggers,
> I live close enough to my parents that we have had a 180 foot cable
> between our houses, run through our backyards and over a mutual
> neighbour's fence.  This fence was recently replaced, which is having an
> affect on our cable.  We might just rerun it with a different path in
> mind, but we always revisit the ides of wireless LAN.  It just needs to
> be an ethernet connection between the two houses (or at least we're
> hoping to not switch subnets out).
> We do some large file transfers (we back up to each others' houses
> daily, for instance) and our internet connections are failover for the
> other.  So speed is important, and we don't have $1 million budgets, so
> some prudence in price is in order.  Aside from that, we have line of
> site and can go N speeds if needs be.  Does anyone have a better
> option?  Perhaps some optical beam tech out there that you've played
> with?  Any interesting thoughts on the subject are welcome.
> Cheers,
> -Tod Hansmann

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