Insurance Sales? Is this a new phenomenon?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sun Nov 3 13:08:21 MST 2013

I recently updated my resume on Dice, Monster and a handful of other sites
to show my most recent work history.  All of it is IT related and I'm
switching over more and more to a management focus.

Since doing this I've been contacted by recruiters from several different
insurance companies.  Not for IT work, but for sales, i.e. they're claiming
that my skill (or possible lack thereof), in IT is somehow translatable to
the work of an insurance agent.

Just curious, but am I the only one seeing this sort of activity?  I mean
I've had off the wall requests to interview before, for instance Windows
Admin when I specifically listed only linux skills, but this takes the cake
and the strangest part is it keeps happening.

/end rant

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