Candidate Screening Challenges (Was: Crazy idea from a recruiter)

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sat Mar 30 12:20:46 MDT 2013

>> Unfortunately for me, this job involved a lot of Perl and regex stuff.  :(
> I don't really get what you're implying. Am I correct to infer that it is
> difficult to write Perl code (including regular expressions) that is not
> "obtuse" or "obfuscated?" If someone writes crappy Perl code, they're simply
> not a very good programmer. Good programmers write code that is maintainable
> and illegible code is not maintainable.

If you're the only Perl programmer and especially if lots of what you
do is regex oriented.
The code will look obfuscated to people who don't work with Perl every day.
Also many perl 1 liners, look intentionally obtuse and obfuscated.

The whole point was that what is obfuscated and "job security" type of
code to one person, may be clear as day to another.
That and it was just an interesting anecdote or at least I thought it was.

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