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I'm definitely a "linux guy" first, but I'm also a ham radio operator.
There's a cool project that uses both called hsmm-mesh. Basically, you
take normal wifi routers, and configure them to be a self-discovering,
auto-configuring dynamic mesh network. You also configure them to comply
with part 97 fcc regulations (ham radio rules like sending your callsign
on a regular interval).

Currently, there is definitely interest in the area to set up several
nodes and see what kind of mesh network we can come up with. I thought
I'd mention it here in case there is anyone interested in this sort of

Individual nodes can provide services such as websites, chat services,
and access to the mesh network to regular computers.

The HSMM-mesh site is http://hsmm-mesh.org/ (thought it appears they
will soon be changing the name of the project). They have a google map
showing locations of nodes that people have set up and submitted (you
have to have a callsign to register, and you have to be signed in to see
it): http://www.hsmm-mesh.org/googlemapped-mesh-nodes.html

see also:
http://lists.ucares.org/pipermail/ucares/2013-March/006332.html for the
discussion on the UCARES mailing list about nodes in the area.


Jeff Anderson

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