Candidate Screening Challenges (Was: Crazy idea from a recruiter)

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Fri Mar 29 17:44:18 MDT 2013

> I think the point is the ability to unravel and fix the "job
> security"-style code left behind by the predecessor.

One of my first employers when I entered the field of professional
programming told me right off the bat my first day.
"Writing intentionally obtuse or obfuscated code for "Job security"
reasons is the fastest way to get fired around here.
He was serious about it too.  There were mandatory code reviews prior
to any check in, it didn't matter who you were or how long you had
been there.
If your code even smelled like it might do something it's not supposed
to, it would get you marked down on your next review.

Unfortunately for me, this job involved a lot of Perl and regex stuff.  :(

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