Fedora 18 console screen res, help me understand systemd

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 19:52:46 MDT 2013

So I finally am trying to get something more recent up and running to
replace my aging Fedora 14 desktop.  I've always liked Fedora and Red
Hat because I'm very comfortable with all aspects of the rpm and, until
recently, I fully understood how Fedora booted and ran.  Unfortunately
now Fedora developers have seen fit to cast off all their traditional
users and foist a newer, better system upon us.  This new system is
faster they say, but way more opaque.  I want to try to understand it
and how to work with it before I chuck the works and go to something
more sane like, heaven forbid, Debian (or since I'm a wimp, Linux Mint
Debian Edition).

My main goal right now is to try to get my screen resolution down to
something same.  It's running in a VM right now (so I don't need X11
running at this point), but the console on the VM is 1900x1200 or
something.  How do I change this?

And for systemd itself, is there any document out there that describes
the boot process now?  How init calls systemd, what systemd does
initially (to replace /etc/rc.sysinit), and then how it starts up services?



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