An actual Linux question?

Nathan England nathan at
Wed Mar 27 14:50:29 MDT 2013

On 3/27/2013 1:41 PM, John D Jones III wrote:
> Just gonna throw this out there, but Arch Linux, a very minimalist 
> default install, coupled with the LXDE desktop would perform EXTREMELY 
> well. and with pacman/yaourt you can easily install anything you need. 
> No fluff, no bloat, you get what you install and nothing else. 
> AwesomeWM is pretty popular with alot of the Arch Linux users too, but 
> tiling windows are my bag. The community is very large and it's wiki 
> rivals, if not bests Gentoo's in completeness. And, lastly Arch is 
> cutting edge, so there's no need to wait 917 years for that one off 
> Wireless driver to get into the repos, but unlike a lot of 'cutting 
> edge' distros, Arch is brutally stable. 

As a die hard user of Arch Linux for many years, I would argue that Arch 
is just "brutal" period.
I recently had to reinstall an arch system and the fact that they dumped 
the AIF and now have a generic bootstrap script to hammer the 
installation onto the hard drive made me realize that Arch has lost its 

As far as I know, there is still no  installation system for Arch. So 
you have to print out the step by step instructions and pound it on 
there. Which is what I did, but I have found it to not be as stable as 
it used to be. After many many years of Arch use I dropped it. I grew 
tired of the switch over to systemd and all the breakage during that.

I believe the last few years would have seen a LOT of linux growth in 
the desktop market, but the distros desire to adopt the next coolest 
thing (systemd, which I absolutely hate) has made the last couple rounds 
of releases seem flaky. To the point I actually *left* linux altogether 
and moved to Windows 7 for stability! Believe it or not. I am 
dual-booting Kubuntu and Windows 7 now because I'm trying to move my 
development back into Linux but all the problems I've had the last 2 
years with systemd upgrades and what not, Windows 7 has rocked the whole 
way through...

I don't care for Arch linux much anymore.


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