Any 100% telecommute jobs out there?

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Wed Mar 27 13:46:05 MDT 2013

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I have a background in software engineering (Java & C++ with some
Python & PHP thrown in for good measure) and systems administration.
Lately I've been doing a lot of managerial tasks such as project
management, costing, projections etc.
My current job involves fixing some telecommunications issues in a
rural area of Ecuador.  The city reminds me very much of Mayberry from
the Andy Griffith show.

Telephone calls cost quite a bit, but internet is cheap (however it is
also unreliable), so I'm working with the community on developing a
fiber to the home project to give each resident up to gigabit speeds
(generally we are seeking 100MBs with a capacity to burst to 1GBs),
similar to and inspired by Utopia, but funded by residents instead of
bonds.  This is possible because the major backbone for central
america also happens to run right through the center of town and there
is a telco switch smack dab in the middle town that peers directly
onto it.  It's also possible because the regs here state that if 3/4
of residents want something up on a pole then you can put whatever you
want there, just get enough signatures.  Also labor is cheap, a good
paying unskilled labor job is $20/day.

My last software development job involved designing a facial
recognition system used by hong kongs equivalent of the center for
missing and exploited children to aide in locating missing persons.
It utilized a PHP based front end to handle uploading and management
of photos, then a custom engine written in Java & C++ that implements
LBP histograms algorithm for facial recognition.

Frankly I'm just an IT generalist.  Point me at a tech problem you
want solved and I do whatever I can to solve it quickly and
efficiently.  I'm pretty happy just solving problems all day.

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