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> I need to dual boot a fairly recent HP laptop into some flavor of
> linux and I need it to have X (because I like GUIs)
> I like Ubuntu but I hate unity and frankly battery life is a real
> concern on this laptop.
> Is there a lightweight distro with really good power management out
> of the box? Perhaps a distro designed specifically for laptops?

I can't speak to specific flavors of power management, but a few

I agree on Unity, et al. I use XFCE on Debian Stable. Power management
seems to be pretty good on my Lenovo T61. It's a light weight small
footprint desktop that does the job. Debian stable, as the name
suggests, is exactly that. Some of my machines have been running
continuously since I put it on them almost a year ago, except for the
occasional kernel upgrade.

If you don't mind spending money, try dropping a solid state disk in to
your laptop. It helps reduce power consumption, and will speed the
thing up considerably.


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