Xinerama multi-computer display

Nathan England nathan at
Mon Mar 25 14:16:31 MDT 2013

That is more in line with what I am thinking of. Yes, I would like to 
use my laptop screen as a third display on my workstation. Hey, I 
appreciate the Google-Foo help as well!

I am attempting to do this some how with Xdmcp but mabe VNC is the way 
to go.

Thanks for the help!

On 3/25/2013 11:45 AM, John Nielsen wrote:
> I have seen/heard of this type of setup using VNC before. See for example:
> On your workstation you would modify your X setup to extend the virtual display, and run a VNC server to display the extended portion. On your laptop you would run a VNC client fullscreen (and probably want to turn off power-saving features).
> I have no specific recommendations beyond that. For your Google-foo, the search I did to find the link above was "vnc extra monitor".
> JN
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