Multi-homing on a budget?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Mon Mar 25 13:31:20 MDT 2013

Hello Pluggers,

Just wondering if any of you have worked with multi-homed setups before.
At present we are looking to connect directly to the primary
Ecuadorian backbone via CNT (the company that owns this stretch of
I've been looking at options in case CNT suffers a failure and the
only one I can think of is satellite, since all the other ISPs peer
off this same backbone.

The problem is that a dedicated business grade 1MB/s satellite
connection starts at $1,000 per mo and goes up from there (we are
trying to get better pricing on 10 & 100MBs but it looks like it
scales linearly).
Since this is only intended as a fallback, it seems like a bit of an
extravagance for something that is likely to be used no more than 10
or 12 days a year.

It seems like there ought to be a provider somewhere that specializes
in being the fallback option with a low monthly fee and then perhaps a
high per diem or per MB fee when you actually need to use the service.
Does anyone know of any companies that specialize in that sort of thing?


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